Stereo sound through a JVC AV32R25


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I currently have an 8 year old 4:3 Fergusson TV that I intend to replace with a widescreen TV - namely the JVC AV32R25. In a nutshell my query is how to best set the TV up for decent hi-fi sound from music CDs played on my Panasonic E50 DVD recorder.

At the moment my Fergusson TV is mono, and I have the DVD recorder hooked up to a hi-fi amplifier, and full-range magnetically shielded Sony hi-fi speakers sit immediately either side of the TV. This gives excellent stereo sound and deep bass when the amp is fed from either ntl cable, DVDs or CDs. - there is no separate hi-fi system in my lounge.

The JVC TV has a sub-woofer, and I am hoping the sound from the TV speakers/sub will enable me to do away with the separate amp and Sony speakers and still enjoy similar sound quality. Can anybody confirm whether the TV will also output sound through the subwoofer when the TV is fed with a stereo input from the DVD recorder. I need to lose the Sony speakers as a) I have no room for them as the TV will be w/s and b) they are black and won't match the TV silver. I am not interested in surround sound (haven't got the space for satellites) and just want good stereo.

Any advice would be gratefully received!


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