Stereo room streaming options: streamer+DAC+amp or all-in-one with $1300 budget


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After driving myself crazy on what to get, decided to order a refurb Marantz PM7000N. Considered the Node plus amp, the equipment in my original post, and decided to just keep it simple. Lots of good feedback on the Marantz. Hoping it has the AKM dac. Will not know until i receive it. Thanks to all for your feedback.

Enjoy - it doesn't have a huge amount of power, but as you said you keep the volume reasonable I think you will likely be happy.

I still use mine every day.


Got the Marantz hooked up to my Sierra 2-EXs in my office/stereo room. Had to build some speaker stands this weekend before I could set it up. One of the 2-EX speakers was used as a center in the HT room. Replaced it with an Ascend Duo center which was not being used. I think the Marantz sounds outstanding. Played a couple of CDs and streamed a couple of songs. Have done nothing for room treatment so far. I do not listen to ear bleeding levels so it‘s perfect. Also bought a used Node 2i and plan to hook it directly to my ethernet when it arrives. It was a good price and if I see no difference in streaming compared to iOS casting, I’ll sell it. Also ordered a pair of Elac Debut 2.0 on-wall speakers for rear surrounds in the HT room. Really like the fact they are only 4” deep and mount to the wall. Hope all had a great holiday and have a great new year.

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