Stereo receiver or AVR for music? Denon DRA800H any good?

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I am setting up a games room - 6.25m by 5.1m. Will be used for pool table and pinball machines. I will have a TV but intend to mostly use for sport not movies - it's not a cinema room. And most often will be listening to music
So I was thinking to get a stereo set-up and just put the TV sound through that - all the AVR reviews say the stereo output on them is not as good as a budget amp.
But I would quite like the streaming features of an AVR - I have all my music in ALAC and using HEOS and from a USB is important to me. I'm not an audiophile as such but know a good sound from my old Denon amp and Eltek speakers for punk/ska/rock etc

So I was looking at a DENON DRA800h - seems to tick all my boxes. Have QA3020's for the speakers - and maybe will use the other channel to put some 2010's on the other side of the room if necessary to fill the room.

So I want that because I hope it will sound better for music than say a Denon x2700h on stereo mode. But is that correct? A lot of reviews say its designed for people who only want two speakers in the room but this doesn't bother me.

Am I on the right track anyone?


It will almost certainly be better for stereo music than the X2700. You have the same connections available in HDMI making connections from blu ray players, set top boxes and out via HDMI to the TV. It is designed around just a stereo audio performance akin to a pure stereo amp and Denon stereo amps are quite good.

I would not pick an AV amp for just a stereo connection, certainly not a Denon AV amp if music players any importance.


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I'd say your on the right track. However, rather than add a second set of speakers if the existing ones don't fill the room, one bigger set will stress the amp less and likely give better results


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Richer Sounds still have a few Arcam SR250s at a great price. Superb stereo plus sub musical abilities plus 4K HDMI switching.

I think there is one listed in the amplifier classifieds section at a pretty good price.
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I have a Denon DRA 800-h. It’s driving a pair of B&W 606s, alternating with a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20s. The HDMI Arc works well with the Samsung tv we have (2019 model). It’s a very versatile amp and sounds great.


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A mate has a DRA800H driving ATC SCM11 speakers. Sounds great, contrary to what you'd expect, and has more connections than you could ever use. £450 for this product feels like an absurd bargain.

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