Stereo receiver for 4 speakers and sub?


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Hey guys, I have what I imagine to not be a super uncommon setup and am just looking for some advice on what to look at. For starters, I am a bit out of my element with regard to home stereo equipment. My experience mostly lies in music recording and that’s where the bulk of my money goes with respect to audio equipment. That said, I have 4 speakers (40w Paradigm if I’m not mistaken) in my ceiling as well as a sub that I would like to hook up to a receiver. I just want to run the speakers in two stereo pairs- I have no need for surround or anything as this will generally just be used for music. So my question is, do you have recommended for a 4 channel stereo receiver that also have a sub out? I have a turntable (U-turn Orbit with their pre) I’d like to hook up to it. It has a built in phono stage but I can bypass it if a receiver comes with a better phono stage. The only other thing I’m going to hook up to the receiver is a Sonos connect.

The ceiling speakers need to hook up via speaker cable to the amp/receiver and the sub has a mono rca input. Not sure if there is something out there that can hook things up as is or if I’ll need to somehow convert the speakers to an rca hook up. I’m also not totally sure what the real difference is between an “integrated amp” and a stereo receiver. It seems that the receiver just adds features I might not need though I have yet to find an integrated amp that can hook up 4 speakers and a sub so I might be relegated to a more feature rich receiver with built in amp unless you guys tell me otherwise. I’m not sure why my price range is necessarily- I guess I’d like to keep it under $1000 but I’m leaving it to you to tell me what the minimum is I should spend for something of decent quality. I’m not looking for the best but there is usually a step up in price from low to mid range that is worth doing before the law of diminishing marginal returns really sets in. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Stereo amps can be wired in series or parallel to drive four speakers. A lot will depend on the ohm loading of the speakers, 8 ohm would be best. Too complex to describe here so I've linked to an article. Your other option is to get a cheap AV amp and wire up the four speakers and then run the AV amp in all channel stereo. I wouldn't spend a lot of money for a stereo amp with ceiling speakers as, to me, they are just for background music and not serious listening.

The advantage of running an AV amp is that you could hook up a subwoofer to improve the bass response in the room and help give those ceiling speakers a little more depth.


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