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Stereo(RCA) and HDMI cables


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Am getting a BluRay player and will be using a stereo amp for the time being so need some advice on cables - believe I'll need the 2 cables below

Cable to connect BluRay to Stereo Amp
Am getting a Bluray player and am going to use my stereo amp for the sound so will need a stereo 2xRCA connection between the BluRay to the Amp. Seen these two options -
1. First option
2. Second option (looks a lot thicker not sure if this is a good thing)

Are they both effectively the same or is one slightly better? If there are any other options as well, pls let me know :smashin:

HDMI for BluRay
Also need a HDMI Cable for Bluray - based on some of the threads they are more or less all the same (esp under 3-5m).

Found this which seemed to have good reviews and is cheap and cheerful. (don't really need the ethernet but no harm having it I take it - also presume it can be used on HDMI1.3 TV sockets ie is backwards compatible)

Does this look ok? Any particular recommendations.

want to order it this week so am not waiting for cables once the player is here :smashin:


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Either of the phono cables will do the job for you. No problem there.

HDMI cables , yes they are all the same , and that is a good price , the ad though is awash with dishonesty.

Theres no such thing as a 1.4 cable or or 1.x anything cable , those numbers refer to the the electronics only , i.e . the player or the amp or whatever , they have nothing to do with cables , putting those numbers on cables is simply a sales scam.

As above , yes it is compatible with HDMI 1.3 and any other type of HDMI output.

The so called 15.2 Gbps claim is also a scam , the HDMI interface works up to 10.2gbps , none are faster , there are no official tests that go any faster , so that 15.2 Gbps number is simply pulled out of their behinds.

The with ethernet feature , not one single device on the market supports this feature and in all likelihood none ever will as the standard network port on nearly every network enabled device is way better and will never be replaced by HDMI.

Having said that , its only 7 quid and will be fine for what you want it for. Its just all those lies really shouldn't be allowed.


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thanks for the input andy - came across some of your posts on the topic so was aware but as you said if it does the job I need it to do and is under a tenner can't really complain :)

edit: or this which really makes you wonder how can they think of charging over a tenner when you can get the same quality for a fraction of that (maybe its just cos its marked up as v1.3 which no one wants to buy anymore!
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@andy - could I bother you with another question please.

Have a slight change of plans!! went for an Optoma projector in the end hence now need a 10m cable :blush:

Could do with some advice as 10m seems to be the safe limit on HDMI without repeaters so don't want to get this wrong :nono: (found a few based on a quick search below)

Approx £30
Ivuna 10m cable and from UKHDMI as well
XO 10m Cable

Or £18.99 from cablesuk

Or even cheaper from Scan

Any recommendations or ones to avoid? (thinking the Ivun ones seem the most guaranteed of the two?)


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UKHDMI are well known on here , they are assured advertisers on this site and give great support , should you have problems they will bend over backwards to get it sorted for you , so personally I would go with them.

They have many happy customers over in the HDMI cables and switches forum.

You should be fine at 10 meters , and if you get it from UKHDMI you will most certainly have no problems , and if you do they will fix it for you.


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Ordered from HDMI cables and its already in the post :)

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