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suresh babu

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hi all,

currently i used integra 80.1 and sunfire tga 7400 for home theatre purposes.. my speaker package is b&w cm9 series.. it does well on HT purposes..

but for stereo listening musics , it is very poor in output.. very dissappointed.. even at high voulume, sound is minimal..

after some research in internet , came to know that multichannel pre amp is not good for music listening.. some friends suggests to go with seperate stereo pre amp. for better results..

i am on budget now , so i dont wish to invest both pre and power seperates .. so , i decided to try old pre amplifires like audio lab 8000q in ebay.. for matching with my sunfire TGA 7400 power amp.

does this makes sense to improve stereo sound with older stereo pre amp. and sunfire TGA 7400? or it would be better to go with newer integrated stereo amplifiers?

thanks in advance


You cannot pre-amp a receiver. Your Integra has full audio pre-outs so the extra amping will need to be to an external power amp or integrated stereo amplifier. For music the integrated stereo amp would be best and this would need to be connected to the receiver through the front left and right pre-outs. For best results a stereo amp with HT bypass would be best.

Here's a list of stereo amps with HT bypass:
Amplifiers with HT-bypass - update 03. September 2017


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@suresh babu - what budget do you have in mind?

Decent HT bypass capable integrated amps new can be found from around 500UKP upwards, though not a lot of choice below about 800. Loads of choice from about 1100 or so to 1600+.

You probably want something with 85W p/c upwards and make sure it is convenient to switch between normal and bypass mode (some are a pain).

The idea is the AVR is only use for TV sound (when it serves as pre for all, power amp for all except front L+R speaker for which the integrated amp serves as a pure power-amp), for all music listening you connect all your stereo music sources directly the stereo integrated amp and only use that.

Quite a few of here take that approach and often have relatively cheap AVRs (so long as they have front pre-outs) allowing us to spend more money on the stereo sound we care more about.


@Khazul Very difficult to take any budget as Suresh is based in India.


Hi Surash. That’s some impressive gear you have their.

I’m surprised that something of the calibre of the Integra doesn’t seem to to play music well...

However as your power amp has two inputs per channel it would be simple to add a preamp.

It’s difficult to be much help as I don’t know the price of hifi in India.

Also I’m not sure what sources you’d like to use?

But there are a few s/h preamps you might try.

NAIM NAC202 pre-amp - very good condition, tested and in full working order | eBay

(Worldwide postage available on the Naim)

Stunning AUDIOLAB 8200CDQ | eBay

Not sure on postage for this one, but it can’t hurt to ask.

This one is 115V so may not be suitable but it’s a splendid preamp.

Cambridge Azur 840E Stereo Pre-Amplifier Mint Tested Working High End Audiophile 5033520404046 | eBay

A class A tube amp may well be the thing?

MUSICAL FIDELITY NUVISTA preamplifier boxed with manual and remote | eBay

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