Stereo amplifier recommendations to drive Short 906i speakers.



Hi, I have recently bought some Mordaunt Short 906i speakers (120W / 90db) speakers and want to upgrade my Yamaha DSP-A595a (65W / channel) amplifier because it is damaged. I originally had the intent of building a 5.1 system but now I have realised that I am content with stereo sound as I only listen to music through my computer.

I have been looking at some stereo amplifiers but they all seem to lack in power. The speakers I have are rated at 120W and I want an amp that will push them to a fairly reasonable volume.

It seems that most stereo amps have low power ratings compared to equivalent AV amps. Could you please offer me advice on a suitable amplifier for around £100?

Also, I am currently connecting my computer to my amplifier using a digital output on my sound card. It seems that most stereo amplifiers lack the connectivity of AV amps. Are there any real benefits to connecting my amplifier to the computer via a digital output? I have a basic Audigy2 sound card.



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All but the lowest level stereo amps will thrash your Yam for power.
Don't believe the figures ;)

A straightforward stereo connection out of your computer should be fine.


Would you have any recommendations for an amp of around £100-130? It is essential that the amp has a remote control and a headphone socket.

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