Stereo amp with fixed level AV input.


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May 15, 2003
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I know the Arcam amplifiers have this feature, where you can take an output from an AV amp in to a stereo amp but bypass the volume control. Can I have options for amps around £500 that also have this feature.
Dunno about any current models, but the Audiolab 8000S has such a feature. A great amp incidentally, should be able to get one s/h well within that budget I'd have thought - although you don't see many of them going these days.
This was originally for a friend who went for an Arcam A80 and is very happy, I am interested in doing the same anyone know of other manufacturers of new kit who include this facility I am interested in either Integrated or Pre Amplifiers, Arcam cant be the only ones.
I have asked Rotel about the RC-02 and they say it does not, I believe What Hi-Fi Said it did, they also said the Marantz PM7200 did and it does not, they ought to check functionality out before they print stuff.

I also can not understand why this is not a more widely available function, I would not have too much of an issue with setting the Amp to 12 O'clock etc but it is a bit of an arse and I am sure I will sometimes forget then realise part way through a movie.
Yea was aware of the PM functionality with the jumper blocks, and I already have some pretty decent mono-block power amps (for the money they are excellent) I have been led to believe that improvements can be made in stereo replay by use of a dedicated stereo amp over my SR5300, as I have the mono-blocks I could also consider a pre-amp to bi-pass the SR5300 which I am basically using as a pre-amp for stereo.
Naim Nait 5 (not sure about the 5i but they're hard to find s/h), around £400 s/h and bloody good IMHO.


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