Stereo amp with (documented) network control protocol?


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I have a pair of speakers in a second room that I want to connect to their own amp and a small PC that will be used as a network audio slave for my main HTPC.

Does anyone know of any stereo amps with documented network control/status protocols (like Denons AVR protocol is), ~100W/ch?

I'm ideally trying to find:
* simple as possible - don't need any features at all bar the network control
* ~100W/channel
* small would be better
* documented network control protocol - can't have any app or software requirements to use it. Need to be able to control and read volume and standby/on at a minimum.


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So, you need to control the Streaming in one room and listen to it in the other?

Why not just select what you want in the other room?

I'm not sure I understand the question.

Yamaha RN602 is 80w/ch, AM/FM, Bluetooth, Multi-Cast, Network Streaming, DAC-Optical/Coaxial/USB, Sub Out, PHONO In, etc.... - $600 -

Yamaha R-N602

That is about as close as you can get.

Specs from the Yamaha Website -

R-N602 - Stereo Receivers - Hi-Fi Components - Audio & Visual - Products - Yamaha United States



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No, I want to be able to control the volume and power state of the amplifier via network. In terms of audio input I only need standard stereo RCA.

I don't need any network streaming capability on the amp, only basic power and volume control (think AV integrator RS-232-type control, but via network). I will be connecting a mini-PC to provide all of the audio to the amp.

Also, at the $600 mark I may as well just buy a surround AV receiver with network control (e.g. Denon) ;)

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