Stereo amp to pair with Wharfedale Diamond 230s - Yamaha A-S201?


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Hi guys. Would appreciate some help picking a stereo amp for a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 230s that I just picked up. Budget is around £200.

I will be using an external DAC. I already have the ifi Zen DAC which I'm happy with and the source will either be music streamed from my server to a Raspberry Pi or my iPhone, both connected to the DAC via USB. Therefore I don't needs all the bells and whistles some of the amps out there are offering. I need no digital inputs or DAC.

I'm eyeing up the Yamaha A-S201 since it offers 100 W per channel at 8 ohms and I'm assuming since I do not need a DAC or other features I should, in theory, be getting more 'amp' for my money by opting for an amp without these. I can get one second-hand for about £120. The only problem I'm having is I can't find much information or reviews on the A-S201. Doesn't seem like a popular choice.

Is there anyone out there with this amp that can comment? Alternatively is there another amp I should consider? I've seen the A-S501 recommended a few times. There is also the compact Yamaha A-670 for £199 at Peter Tyson. But I have no experience with large speakers and no idea what kind of power I need.


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Top class speakers sir. I hope you enjoy them.

To that end I’d suggest you consider this


Both excellent amplifiers with the usual splendid current supply by Rotel.


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Ps, power is not usefully understood by the claim of wattage on any given amp.

What is much more important is the robustness of the power supply and the available current.


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Either of these two would be fine buys too. An offer would likely be accepted here.




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Any of the amps mentioned above should be fine. I'd guess that your Yamaha suggestion should be fine also. The wharfedale are an easy speaker to drive

I would suggest you have a look at the classifieds here also, often a bargain to be had


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