Stereo amp/receiver with audio sync


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I'm looking for a stereo amp/receiver with the possibility to set audio (lip) sync. (for looking movies)

I know there are 5.1/6.1/7.1/8.1-receivers with this option, but I'm only using 2 speakers (B&W CM9's) and I love to have a strong amp without to much whistles and bells.

I looked at NAD, Rotel, Arcam, Cambridge, Moon, Musical Fidelity, Creek, Densen etc, but can't find any stereo amp/receivers with this option.

Aren't there any?


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The Harmon Kardon HK3490 is called a "stereo receiver".

It's got optical input too which is a real selling point for many. Also, it's packing a decent punch with 120wpc into 8 ohms.

The link I've supplied is the cheapest I've seen it for a while actually at £270.

Not sure if this unit sorts the lip-sync thing, so apologies in advance if I've posted a useless suggestion:blush:

All the best

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