Stereo Amp + Biwired Speakers + Subwoofer


Hello All!

The long and short of it is that I’m looking to add a subwoofer to my Hifi system and I want to use High Level “Speaker Inputs” from my amplifier. Currently my speakers are biwired from my amp, and I’m simply not sure if there’s a way to use the same wires I have while also connecting the amplifier outputs to the subwoofer.

Here’s my system:
Preamp: ProJect Tube Box S2 (though this shouldn’t matter for this discussion)
Amp: Muzishare X7 Vacuum Tube Amp
Speakers: Fyne Audio F303 floorstanders
Potential Subwoofer: Hsu ULS-15 MK2
Current Wires: 2 Banana plug to 4 banana plug bi-wires

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now, but I can’t find anything on how it might work. The subwoofer has high level inputs but not outputs so I can’t pass it through them. I haven’t worked with this kind of connection before.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I might wire this?

Thank you.


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I don't think you would loose anything by reverted to normal wiring if required.

In practice the input impedance of a sub's high level input is often very high so as not to matter (though this may not be the case with all subs).

As for dual connecting, you can probably find a banana plug splitter.


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You simply run another speaker cable from either one (or both if possible) of the speakers or amp to the terminals on the sub. You could just use a bare wire ends, no need for plugs as both your amp and sub look like they have screw connectors.


Ok, so I can just connect from either the amp or the speakers to the subwoofer? Is there a specific kind of wire you would recommend for this application or does it not matter as much for the subwoofer connection?


If you're going to run a sub then you don't really need to bi-wire as you'll be underpinning the bass with the sub woofer. I'm not a fan of bi-wiring as in reality it brings very little if any audio benefit. Run a single wire and replace the jumper bar. You then connect the second set of wires to the amp's binding posts as per the instructions with your sub.

It's then a case of finding the sweet spot with the sub and speakers as far as the crossover is concerned. That part is down to you and your room. The image below is how REL subwoofers are connected using their supplied Neutrik cable which I'm using simply as an example of how some manufacturers fit the wiring. I don't know anything at all your particular sub.



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