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Steve Disco

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Hi, I'm looking to enter the world of 4k/Ultra HD. Our current TV is a Samsung UE55D6530. We currently sit around 2-3 metres away from this , and we are spread out across the room so a mix of facing and wider angle. We have Sky Q and Netflix, (looking to get Amazon Prime too) watch a variety of sports, film and TV - no gaming. Currently connected to a Sony Soundbar HTX8500.

Budget - somewhere around £600 but could be flexible. Would appreciate any advice.


£600 unfortunately won't buy much in terms of HDR performance, but you can still buy a very respectable TV for SDR at that price.

My pick would be the Hisense U7Q, but before picking out specific models you should perhaps take the time to understand different panel types found on LCD TVs, and also why HDR has changed the way we shop for a TV nowadays.

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