Stepping height for rear seats ???


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do you know offhand how high I would need to step a setee if I was putting chairs in front of it, is there a rule of thumb ?



4" higher than they do at my local cinema :)

More seriously,
It very much depends how high your screen/tv/plasma will be, and how far behind the chairs the sofa will be. I would sit someone in a chair and eyeball how much higher the head of someone behind them needs to be to get a clear view of the picture from the position of the sofa. If I were to do it in my room it would need to be 6" to see the bottom of the screen clearly.


Mad Mr H

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I have 3 rows of seats.

6 inch rise on the second row

7 additional inches on the third row

screen is 8 foot wide

middle row about 12 foot from screen

Distance between rows of seats is critical! I got it wrong first time and had to start again!!!

I am short (ish) 5 foot 6, you should try and find a 6 footer! get them to sit in the chair you want to use and then get them to slouch and add about 150mm from knee to chair in front.

Seat type also matters.

Hope that is of help,

PM me if you want any other info.....


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Help much appreciated. I think Iwill get away with 6". Will test out Sunday or Monday.


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