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Stephen Furst


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Oh no loved his Flounder but his Vir Cotto in Babylon 5 was just great especially with the wonderful Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari) what moments.

Londo Mollari: No! No, this report is totally inappropriate. You have to do it again.
Vir Cotto: But, Londo, why? I've spent weeks working on this report. I didn't even sleep on the flight back from Minbar so I could go over it again. I've checked every single detail myself. It's absolutely accurate.
Londo Mollari: Yes, Vir, I'm sure it is, and that is the problem.

Londo Mollari: Vir, I had a thought. Why don't you represent our Republic in the talks today?
Vir Cotto: Me?
Londo Mollari: Yes, why not? You know the situation as well as I. It's the perfect oportunity to get your feet moist, as Earthlings say.
Vir Cotto: I actually don't think it's a wise idea for me...
Londo Mollari: Nonsense! I have every confidence in you. Which is why I'm giving you full diplomatic authority. Be proud, my boy! You are now the voice of the mighty Centauri Empire!
Vir Cotto: Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!
Londo Mollari: That's the spirit! Go now! I'll be along later to see how you're doing.
Vir Cotto: Yes, sir!
Londo Mollari: And, Vir
Vir Cotto: Yes, sir?
Londo Mollari: Don't give away the Homeworld

RIP Stephen

A toast... to absent friends, in memory still bright.

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I thought he was a lot younger when he played Vir (40ish round the time) came across a Londos conscience and honest character sort of Jiminy Cricket.
And yet 63 seems too soon to die.

Sloppy Bob

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Stephen Furst aka Vir Cotto on Babylon 5 , was one of the better SIFIs .
I liked what Garrett said about a voice like jiminy cricket to Lando Milari as a conscience .
Another great actor that had a lot to offer and died so young at 63 a Toast to absent friends.

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