Steering wheel for f12011


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hello my son wants a steering wheel for xmas to play F12011 could anybody give me some advice on the best to buy under £70 many thanks:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Would be slightly more than your budget but worth the extra.
Don't get one without Force Feedback or you will regret it.$ja=tsid:11527|cc:|prd:9004179|cat:video+games+%2F+accessories+%2F+ps3+accessories+%2F
You will not find a better wheel for the money in that price range.
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Couldn't agree more with the above assessment. For the money a DFGT is a very good wheel. You can pick it up closer to the price you want to pay if you go online.

logitech dfgt - Google Search

Another okay, but cheap option, is the Logitech Dual Force Wireless.

logitech df wireless - Google Search

My brother has one, & it's not a bad wheel that doesn't take up a lot of space. It doesn't have pedals, so you use the flappy paddles for gas & brake. The force feedback isn't anywhere near as strong/good as the DFGT. It also only turns 180 degrees (kinda like an F1 car), whereas the more expensive wheels do the full 900 degrees. Something to consider, the DF wireless just sits on your lap, so unlike the DFGT it doesn't require clamping to anything, which is something else you really need to consider when purchasing a full wheel/pedal setup. You do need a very solid surface to clamp the DFGT to. Strong feedback & bad mounting = a runaway wheel & bad experience, which will lead to the wheel not being used at all due to frustration (from my personal experience), which is why a lot of dedicated racers buy something like a Wheel Stand Pro, which folds away, but that's another £100 on top of the wheel. Some people build their own stands (plenty of websites show you how), or just use a cheap coffee table/ironing board.

Hope this helps.
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The Logitech DFGT seems to be a favourite of most people for that price range, but personally i dont like the gear stick.
Are there any alternatives for roughly the same price that are as good as the logitech but have paddles behind the wheel instead of a stick?


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Thanks for the replies will look into the DFGT

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