SteeleSeries Arctis 7p

richie h

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Hello all,

Having trouble with the Arctis 7p headset on the ps5 and wondered if anyone else has/had any issues?

I game through headphones and all was well till I connected the 7p to my computer to check the firmware was up to date. After reconnecting wirelessly to the ps5 the sound was awful, Really tinny with cracking and a lack of bass. I performed a reset on the headphones but the sound was still awful. The sound on the headphones is fine if you run a wire between the controller and headset but the whole point of getting the 7p is it's wireless.

Steel series customer service were brilliant and after a bit of troubleshoot agreed to send me a new wireless transmitter. Unfortunately the sound was still awful so I carried on complaining and they agreed to send me a new Arctis 7p, which is on the way. A couple of days ago the headset righted itself and the sound became how it was before connecting to my PC for the first time. I connected the wireless transmitter to my phone and all was well till I reconnected wirelessly to my ps5, the horrible tinny sound had returned. Worth mentioning that resetting the headset and adjusting the sound on the gg engine does not help.

I found this which sounds exactly like my problem:

Anyone else have any issues with the 7p or have I just got a duff one? The headset is OK wired so must be some issue with the wireless transmission, no? If anyone can offer any sort of explanation I'd be most grateful!



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Bit worrying. Not had any issues myself and definitely won't be attempting any updates through a pc

richie h

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Bit worrying. Not had any issues myself and definitely won't be attempting any updates through a pc
I'm sure there'd be much more of an uproar if it did this for everyone that connected it to a pc! That said, I won't be testing it out with the replacement

richie h

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My replacement 7p arrived from Steele Series and I'm pleased to report that all sounds well on the PS5. Honestly am completely confused by all this. The old headset that sounds terrible on the PS5 sounds absolutely fine on my PC and phone. Can't complain though as I've now got 2 pairs of fairly high-end wireless headphones. Can't fault Steele Series throughout the whole issue.

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