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Steelbook Lenticular Magnetic Covers

The Ringmaster

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This guy / site might be familiar to some of you as he has been around a while now and I've seen these being sold on ebay, but he has a direct website and I guess these will eventually become more popular as time goes on.

They look fantastic in my opinion.

I cannot justify the spend myself and part of me feels that a retail package should remain as bought but it's an addition if you like it and I think it's safe to say that you will never go short of a lenticular cover again as long as this guy keeps making them!

Cudzndrips - website

cudzndrips - youtube


Distinguished Member
I will go through the listing and might buy a couple this weekend, will let you guys know in the near future :)

I went through the list and difficult to find 2 that I am interested in at this moment in time.
I'll put in an order for the Interstellar one because the steelbook could do with a nice lenticular magnet :)

Edit 2:
I confirm that the shipping costs are free.
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Active Member
I like the Spider-Man ones, but would like to see some pictures of a few members here have purchased


Distinguished Member
Some updates about my order...
I placed the order on the 27/11 and naively expected to receive the lenticular magnet within the next week or so :rolleyes:
Its been nearly 2 weeks and still nothing so i've send Paul a little email to ask about my order.
This is the reply i received:

Hi, I order once a month with the printers and am due to order the next batch 21st Dec. As soon as they arrive I'll ship it on.


I checked the site again to make sure i didn't miss any information concerning the forced delays for a single lenticular magnet... and no i didn't miss anything as there is nothing on his website informing you that he only orders once a month with the printers...

I'm a bit disappointed to be honest as it will take more then a month to receive a single lenticular magnet :(


Distinguished Member
OK guys, i have good news and bad news about Paul and his lenticular magnets.

Lets start with the bad news first:
Ordered on November 27th 2015 and only received it today (thats nearly 4 months)
It seems like the printer was having problems and needed to change parts etc...
In February i contact him to explain that my patience was running out and that i didn't receive it yet. He told me the lenti was send in January o_O
Considering i didn't have any post problems since the last 3 years, it was hard for me to believe that it was actually send at all.
The lenti has a white dot (imperfection) on the top right front and the effect isn't as good as the one he showcases on his youtube channel. No matter how i position it, i always see the character on mine.

The good news:
Paul told me he would send one last week and i finally received it today.
Was shipped in a cardboard mailer with some bubble wrap.
The Lenti looks decent even though the effect isn't perfect.
It fits the steelbook ok (small border space all around) and the magnet is strong

Pictures with my Interstellar steelbook:

WP_20160315_001.jpg WP_20160315_002.jpg WP_20160315_003.jpg WP_20160315_004.jpg WP_20160315_006.jpg

PS: All in all, the result is ok but considering that the one he showcases on his youtube channel has a better lenticular effect and that i can't hide the character on mine, i'm a bit disappointed.
I also have to warn you about the delays depending on what he has in stock. There is a chance you will often have to wait one month (and more) to receive your lenti, and that is if all goes well.
Price is a bit high but considering he ships internationally for free, its not too bad.
I wish mine didn't have that little white dot on the top right front and that the effect would be as good as the one he shows on his channel.

Got this reply after i kindly informed him that the effect wasn't perfect on mine etc...
Thanks for the heads up. I think there are very slight imperfections sometimes in the transitions in the printing stage. I had the same with The Martian lent some were better than others.

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