Steel Series Siberia Neckband.


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Hey all,

I have the steel series siberia neckband gaming headset that comes with the xbox 360 adaptor to fit the 360 pad. The sound i get is great but when it comes to using the mic nobody seems to hear me. Any ideas or if i set them wrong?


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got exactly the same problem...i am freaking out on this one because i made connections just as described in the manual...changed settings on 360 as well...headset is right out the box but i believe the 360 connector must be broke somehow...because the headset works as a headphone and on skype perfectly...just not on xbox live!!!
have you fixed the problem yet? if so please let me know how. i asked for support at siberia steel series...when they reply i´ll post their answer here.


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I had this problem with these, but it wasnt that people could not hear me, it was that i could not hear them as the chat volume was very, very low. Solution, step 1: put chat volume to the max and make chat sound come from the speakers, do this from your xbox dashboard, hit guide and go to preferences and voice. 2: Set the volume from your TV high, this makes chat volume loud enough but game volume too high, so 3: from the games own menu go options and lower the game sound to low, that makes too high game volume come down while the chat volume stays up. Tweak it untill you find perfect balance and youll be very happy:D


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...thanks. that really fixed it... but it sucks that you have to sort that out every time you play a game...i play on a monitor and it´s quite complicated to set the volume controll on that thing because the osd is so slow...i think i´ll stick with the original 360 headset for gaming and use the siberia for skype and music...thanks again...sorry for bad english - not native english speaking...
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