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Just picked this up on PS4 and seems pretty nice.

Shame (despite the cross buy) that there are now cloud saves. Super annoying as dont want to go through it all from the start on another console. Bit silly.

Anyways, anyone else picked this up?


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Whaaaat???? I was going to get this, but will not bother if you can't synch your saves.

I just assumed you would be able to do this.


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Yea sucks doesnt it - pretty pointless to have the cross buy, without sounding ungrateful.

I've been playing it on PS4 and its a nice game for sure - and it shouldnt be really as there isnt much to do, but its quite relaxing and addictive.

But dont know if its enough of a pull for me to start from scratch on Vita.

Demon Luci

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Has anyone tried SWD 2?

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