Steaming to PS3 and access from iMac from NAS


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Hi Guys,

Not sure where this sould be really.

I have a DSL connection coming into the house that goes into a switch. from the switch I also have a connection to my iMac, PS3 and Wii.

What I would like to do is to stream video files in .mpg format from a NAS to my PS3.

Is it possible to do this directly or will I need to use the iMac to stream the files like I used to do with my old defunct PC ?

Please ask anything if needed.



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Absolutely possible. I use Twonky running on my NAS for exactly this (see You can however use any uPNP / DLNA compliant server, that can be installed on your NAS. Many NAS's now come pre-installed with this functionality. I highly recommend Twonky though.


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Thank you for your swift reply.

I'd much prefer to use streaming direct from the NAS rather than from the iMac as it is connected wirelessly whereas the NAS will be wired.

I'll look into Twonky.


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Any suggestion for a nice NAS ?

Needs at least 750GB storage space and relitavely quiet as going to be running in a room that is used.

Was thinking of the Qnap ones but maybe there is something cheaper out there ?

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