Ste7en's Garage conversion


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Images of progress so far attached.

Window should be getting fitted this week... along with Isowool and plasterboard.

Scheduled to be skimmed next week.


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Oops! Forgot my camera today! I took a bunch of pictures last night. :suicide:

The back cupboard is now boarded up and all the walls are prepared for plasterboard delivery tomorrow.

The wall sockets are in place now, they just need connecting up.

I'll be using 12.5mm soundblock plasterboard and 25mm Isowool behind for soundproofing. The room is also getting skimmed by a plasterer to minimise sound leakage. I was considering Green Glue for the joints between batons and plasterboard but didn't get around to ordering any :rolleyes:

In the end we didn't bother double boarding since it's a detached house and the passage/staircase separates this room from the rest of the house.

The double glazing folks were out last night... it's gonna cost an extra 120 quid and take a few extra days since we have decided to match the windows to the existing ones.

The plumber is due out tonight to give a price for a double radiator. He wasn't keen to fit the pipes behind the plasterboard. Saying we would have a nightmare if anything ever went wrong.

I/we decided against doing anything too home cinema specific as we may sell and move again in a few years. All our thoughts of a raised stage, LEDs and Exit signs have been ditched.

Surround and front left/right effects (yep, it's a Yamaha setup) cables are to be fitted behind plasterboard and up into ceiling void then fed down to speakers. I'm just opting for 79 strand stuff as I 'may' leave all cables intact when we move (again). Main left / right. subwoofer and centre cables will be fed around room (and taken with us).

Now all that remains is what can I actually fit in from this lot:

I'm going to retire the video recorders...


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Further developments!

Isowool installed, soundproof plasterboard delivered and being put in place.

But we have hit a snag :(

The plumber said that fitting a radiator would be too much of a pain and is recommending we fit an electric one instead. Can't say I'm too keen.

By all accounts there is not enough bare pipework to T off from as it's all ran in the wall cavities. May have to run from the manifold, which is the 'proper' way to do it but the plumber wasn't keen on doing it.

Asked another one who said fit an electric radiator :rolleyes:

Any suggestions?


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Hmm... that's way out of my budget I'm afraid.

We pushed the boat out with the window to get it to match the rest of the house and even that hurt a little :(

AC would be VERY nice...


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You are further on than me now :(
I'm using screws to fit my plaster board...less chance of them comming off:D
also using batterns same as you because that dot/dab stuff's crap

Lookkin good though:smashin:


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Yeah, I had a day off yesterday and we got a fair bit done :thumbsup:

But, boy was it hot!

We've used hundreds of screws so far... twice as many as could have been used. You can't really see them on the images because we've been putting them in tight so the plasterer can skim over the tops.

Off to the Metro Centre tonight to get some new surround speaker cable which I'm going to run up the wall (in trunking) and across theroof void and down to the surrounds / front effects.

Front left/right, centre and sub cables will be just laid around the edge of the room (I'm a bit of a tweaker and I sometimes change cables).

Thinking of a beige for the walls and a charcoal carpet. Not that you'll see much of the walls as I have to fit 6 Ikea Billy bookcases in! :suicide:


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benmc said:
Worth giving them a call, they do cheaper self-install units


Ooo... still expensive!

I've seen some really nice electric radiators. The one I like best is 1,500 quid! :suicide:


Ste7en said:
The one I like best is 1,500 quid!
For an electric radiator :eek: .

B&Q do a range of professional looking aircon untis for a good price see

It is coming along though :)


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More progress!

The window is now fitted, the roof vent tiles are fitted (ouch! cost a lot more than I expected).

All plasterboard up... finally! All walls lined with Isowool.

We're just waiting for the plasterer to come and skim it, which should be this Wednesday / Thursday.

It probably won't get base coated (painted) this weekend as it may still be damp.

Image 16 shows the surround and front left/right effects speaker cables coming out of the wall. They run around the roof void and down to the speakers.


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The images...



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Hi Ste7en, your around the same point as me. Plastering, I needs to find someone who can do it. How much is it costing you.

It looks very good. Keeps us informed.:D


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Around 200 quid. He is a good plasterer too, he does a lot of stuff where I work. I actually sat and watched him do some work in the office next door through an adjoining window and was very impressed.

I can get his details tomorrow if you like? He lives in Durham.


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Sorry to hi-jack your thread; do you think he'd come and cut some speaker cables in to my plasterboard then patch up. Probably too small a job for him?

I'm in Durham as well.



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Sure, I'll get his details tomorrow and PM you and p_g.

Another hidden cost I came across was the cavity wall insulation. The building regs guys said the garage needed doing but I couldn't get anyone to come out and give a price for just two walls.

One firm came out and done a survey on the house. Guess what... yep, NO cavity wall insulation at all. It'll cost 200 quid for the whole house (including garage and conservatory) - with a grant.


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Will ring him when you give me details:D :smashin:


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Well, just had a busy couple of days...

Spent all of Tuesday night laying Rockwool in the loft space, which was horrible! Building regs required 250mm mininmum we had enough 150mm to do the loft space fully once and enough left over to double up on half of it, which is 300mm. Going to go up again and finish off and feed cables through ceiling to surrounds left/right effects.

Turns out that the house did not have cavity wall insulation, which I guess is a good thing since nobody wanted to come out and do one and a half walls! :eek:

Cost 200 quid (with grant), which isn't bad IMO.

Plasterer came yesterday and skimmed the room out, it looks really manky at the moment but the patches which have dried are really smooth.

Will post some images on Monday.

One unforseen cost will be new speaker cable for the main left/right. Turns out that I have two 4m lengths of Nordost Flatline Gold but I need two 6m lengths! HOW MUCH !?! :suicide:


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Images of the plasterwork, as promised.

Will be base coating on Wednesday :clap:

Now, just have to pick final colour scheme and carpets...


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Wish mine looked like that:smashin:


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Well, just had a weekend off (in London). Nice :thumbsup:

Now back to work :rolleyes:

Anyway, as you can see it's been base coated.

Now we just have to:

Fit skirting and backmoulds etc.
Get the electrician back for the 2nd fix.
Decide which electric heater to fit (or climate control system).
Decide on carpet.
Decide on colour schemes.

Couch gets delivered NEXT FRIDAY!!!

I suspect that the carpet fitters will have to work around it. Well, not actually around it... you know what I mean! :D


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Well, I think it's going to be a Easy Heat radiator for the room.

Apparentley, these are water filled units with a heating element inside. They look very nice but are around 300 quid. I need a 2kw unit for the size of the room but for the same price I can get a 2.5kw unit, which is a little bigger.

I hope to get the skirting boards and backmoulds fitted this weekend... and chose a carpet!

Cables are made up but bananas are soldered to the amp ends of the front left/rights and I'm still not sure if my amp will accept these.


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Well, all skirting and backmould etc. is fitted, filled, sanded and primed/undercoated.

The radiator arrived yesterday from Easy Heat. It's a water filled unit with a heating element fitted inside. For an extra 50 quid you can add a RC thermostat/timer. It looks nice... for a radiator! :D

The electrician is coming this week for the 2nd fix, so the electrics will be sorted.

Colour schemes... Hmm, well I decided on something that isn't too dark. Several tester pots later I've gone for Dulux Natural Hessian Real Life.

Sofa arrived and it looks a bit small :rolleyes:

We really just have to decide on a carpet...

Oh, my Nordost Flatline Gold is ready for collection and I have to drop my amp in for an upgrade (so it'll take banana plugs)

More photos coming soon. Don't expect it to look like a dedicated Home Cinema as we don't know how long we will be staying at this house, not that we don't like it. We just moved here to be closer to my family with me having leukaemia etc. :(

Dr Force

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I am sorry to hear of your leukemia, and i pray that your health improves.

The room is coming on a treat mate and even if it is short term it will still give you hours of fun and relaxation.

Good luckk fella.:thumbsup:


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I am sorry to hear of your leukemia, and i pray that your health improves.

The room is coming on a treat mate and even if it is short term it will still give you hours of fun and relaxation.

Good luckk fella.:thumbsup:

Thanks for your kind words Dr Force. :)

Progress is slow at the moment. I've been trying to contact the electrician over the weekend to come and do the 2nd fix (put sockets/switches on etc). All backmould and skirting is ready to be glossed. Walls have been 'finished' for ages (base coated to see where any patch filling might be needed etc.)

We will be ordering the carpet this week (something natural, but dark). We'll probably spend as much on the underlay.

Photos coming soon... honest! :D

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