Staying Loyal to my Panny PWD8 but need some help


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Hi everyone,
i am a proud owner of a PWD8 and have been for 5 years. Im currently doing my a panel dis-service as the moment it is hooked up to a standard freeview box via scart (yes i know poor, but this hasnt always been the case a few years back i had the virgin hd box with the component out- nearly creamed my knickers when i saw the pic quality) my xbox is connected via component
Anyway when i purchased the panel all those years ago i opted for 2 component boards and a scart board, this was due to the price of the hdmi board being CRAZY IMO). My panel also has the matching Panasonic speakers clipped on which provide great sound.
My question is ; I am moving house next week and will continue to use my PWD8 as my main tv in the lounge. I dont know whether to go to virgin or sky yet im currently looking at deals for new customers but im assuming now that these virgin sky hd boxes no longer come with component. I want the best picture possible especially as i love waching my sport and films.

Would i be better opting for a hdmi board (which are either too expensive or like rocking horse ****)???
Would i be better using a hd fury (but i dont have a clue what i need to buy or how to connect in order for this work?????
Utilising my component board by purchasing a component to HDMI lead????
Whats the best way for me to get the best out of my PWD8 with SKYHD/VIRIGIN HD????

Please help i move house next week


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Before recently purchasing a HDMI board for my PH9, I used to use a HDfury 1 with DVI connection. I then used a DVI-HDMI connection coming from the HDfury and connected this to the monitor out of my Denon 1910, then the other end of the HDfury (15 pin vga) to the 15 pin vga on my PH9 Panel.

This setup worked a treat and was alot less than the £100 plus I just paid for my HDMI board.

Also there are quite a few HDMI blades on a certain auction site you would need this TY-FB8HM same as what I just bought for mine


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Another vote for the HD fury, works a treat and a HD feed looks a lot better than SD material.


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Another vote for the HD fury, works a treat and a HD feed looks a lot better than SD material.
My question then is if i was to go the hdfury route do i need to consider audio? my current panny speakers are hooked up to the panel itself so by using a hdfury in the vga input would i need to do anything with my current sound setup, basically when i onnect the fury up will the sound still play thro my speakers or will i have to buy an audio lead / connection


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You'll need to do something else for the sound, the vga socket will not carry sound.
cheers, the thing is tho my speakers cost £250 so i defo wanna keep them and im thinking at the min the audio from the digital box is sent to the component board via phono leads red/white, the VGA board has an audio input so is it just a case of sending the audio from the sky to the board?


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Set up a 'saved search' option for the TY-FB8HM on the well known auction site(the american one). I ended up paying less than a quarter of the retail price for mine.;)

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