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Static with Monitor Audio and Pioneer receiver


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I'm having a weird problem with my Pioneer VSX-916 and Monitor Audio Bronze B2 setup. During music there will be times where the sound is perfect and times where there is static and times where there is a mix of both. I am not trained well enough to be able to tell if its happening at certain frequencies or what. I assumed it to be the cabling, but i have replaced the cables with different thickness cable and its the same thing.

I am using an optical-in from my PC and playing mostly MP3 files.

Havent a clue what the issue might be, any help? :confused:


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Any interference to speaker cable shouldn't cause 'static'. These cables carry signals after it's been amplified. To hear static, the static would have to go through an amplifier.

As you're using optical in, there's no scope for anything before the amp, as far as I know.

How old is the amp?

Do you still get the static if you plug headphones into the amp? (I assume it has a headphone port)

When you say 'static' is it actually full-range noise? (like an old CRT TV if you de-tuned it) Or is it more of a hum or buzz?


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The amp is about 6 years old, 99% of the time i use it on the headphone socket and never had an issue.

It 'sounds' like static, but a better description would like the speakers are cutting in and out very quickly and if i listen closely to the speakers it sounds like there is static between the music, like the sound of static electricity. I find sometimes that if i tap the speaker cone, the speaker seems to 'fix' itself for a few seconds and go back to the music/static problem. Ive been testing again and it sounds like its just the center and left channel doing this, the right speaker seems fine. Might this be an issue with the speakers so?


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I swapped the optical cable too, no difference.

One thing i have noticed now; switching from Music mode to surround/game mode etc, some modes dont have the problem at all, but Music mode always has the problem. I'm not sure if this means anything?
As we've said sounds like a problem with the amp to me.

It'll either need repairing or a replacement buying. They don't last forever unfortunately and 6 years is a good life for some I'm afraid.

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