Static screen when using pch200 with onkyo SR 706 receiver


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Maybe this is not the right forum, but ill give it a try,

When i connect my PCH 200 with hdmi throug my onkyo SR 706 and the onkyo goes to my plasma tv, then i get static on my screen, when i connect my PCH 200 direct throug my tv all is fine.

Has someone got any idee what this means, i am out of ideees.....

Thanks for the person who has a idee for me.:lease:

Kind Regards,

Just for me what is a PCH 200? :smashin:

If its one of THESE I am not surpised.:D
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Popcorn hour c200 :), i copied it from the popcorn forum :)

Cheers, I am sure anyone else reading would know but I have only ever heard of a Popcorn Hour.:smashin:

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