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static-pop-clicky sounds from tweeters


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AVR yamaha rxv 581
When I watch movies, during the scenes with very deep bass included, for example- the spaceship scene in the dolby horizon demo or the krypton explotion in the man of steel- i hear a weird interference sound from the tweeters for some seconds it sounds "tic tic tic". Usuallly from the surrounds e.g man of steel scene, sometimes from my mains e.g. horizon demo.

I am not sure if I would describe it as popping static or something else, but it is very unpleasant and sounds more like an error in enconding then anything else. It's like the pop you can hear when you play receiver's internal test tones when channel changes or sometimes when you pause a video.

First thought was interference from the sub cable or the sub itself.- No, turning off the sub won't change anything.
Second thought ,my speakers can't handle loud volume. -No i can hear it even at -35db. It becomes louder when i play movies at high volume like -18db or lower. It happens in about 5/10 movies i watch, there are some movies that i play realy loud (-10db) and i have no problem with audio , crackling popping or anything.
Third thought loose cables and speaker problem.-No and No. When i play the same scenes downscaled to 2.1 in my mains only i can hear those sounds too.

Somebody who just watches a movie won't understand that something is wrong, it's not that bad, but i can hear it.
Can this static-pop-click or something destroy my tweeters?
*Forgot to mention that i play movies from my win10 pc with mpchc


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I suggest you try a different source or maybe even a different streaming software to rule that out


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Could well be your tweeters are being pushed past their limits at times.

What speakers do you have?

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