Static bursts when watching Sky One


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I keep getting static blips while watching most of the new american shows on sky one Hades, Eureka etc, like an old vinyl record and only when theres music, loud speaking or commotion on screen. I think I first heard it towards the end of the last run of 24, it only seems to appear on Sky one, only on the newer american shows not on the likes of Christian O Connell (on now, just checked).
I've reset the box, checked connections etc (although, pointless as its not a widespread issue) no difference made.
Anyone else experiencing this or got any ideas? Its driving me mad:mad:


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Hi Fordy,

Have started listening to the TV through head phones for late night viewing and I get exactly the same (single static pops sometimes less than a secound apart).
Thought it might have been the head phones or audio amp I'm going through but when I put it straight out through the TV and listened for it, it was there as well so not sure how long it could have been going on without me noticing.
Have only really heard this when watching Sky One US programs recorded via V1 Sky+ box but I very rarely watch live TV so it might not be exclusive.
Did a test and the oldest program I've heard it on was Star Trek: Enterprise.
I searched another forum and found other people were having this sound problem but no one has posted a cause or resolution yet.

If it keeps happening I guess I'll have to call Sky customer's hoping it clears up on its own.:D



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Well I dont have Sky+ and it only seems to have been round since HD came on-line. I wonder if there's a connection?
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