Starwing/starfox (Snes) : Appreciation thread


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Deemed one of the greatest games of all time Snes (1993)

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Starwing/Starfox wiki (Click on individual contents to view) Click Here

If you owned and played this game on another format feel free to post within
this thread regardless, alternate formats won't be getting a separate thread as
that would be overkill, just mention the format you played it on when posting.

Complete list of all the already posted or upcoming
Classic retro game Appreciation threads is available Here

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Post all your recollections and classic gaming moments of this awesome game here, it was and still is one of the best games ever made, relive those memories within this thread.

Anyone wishing to submit a review for this game please do so, i'd be glad to link to it at some future stage, everyone else post those stories of gaming heaven Starwing/Starfox related of course.

Ideas for posting could include :-

How much you paid for the game?
Did you pay over the odds for an import release to get it early?
Was it worth the money?
Did you do a midnight game collection on day of release?
Did this title influence your decision to buy it's associated system?
How has it stood up to the test of time?

Alongside the usual game play and game content discussion, which is always welcome, the possibilities are endless.


Oh do I remember this, my mates and I were so excited at the super fx chip, it was almost like black magic to make the whole 3d thing work so well. My mate was the first one of us to get this, I seem to remember he forked out 70 quid to a market seller just round the corner and got the US copy of Starfox, the nights after school we all spent glued to that game was superb. 1993 was a good year.
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