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Nov 30, 2003
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OMG.......can anyone say "pirates" ?
just love that he calls it a superbit
"THX Superbit" - What next: Dolby DTS :D
but he says they're originals!
Anybody told e-bay before some unsuspecting individual buys this crap?
i see some idiot has already bid for them
It's Lucas's own fault.

He's helping the piracy market by waiting until Sept 2004 to release the films on DVD. They should have been released long, long ago.

People bidding on Ebay will know they are bidding for pirate copies but what other option is there at the moment? Some people just want to own them on disc and don't care about the quality that much.

It's a bit obvious they are laserdisc copies when the trilogy isn't out yet.

Isn't "Superbit" Columbia/Sony/Tri-Stars line not 20th Century Fox's???
Originally posted by Jonny1973
They should have been released long, long ago.

In a galaxy far far away?? :D

I've done my own copied of my laserdisks.

Took hours to do properly - but left my mates video suite with 7 dvd's of shiney star wars goodness.

Original trilogy and SE plus the bonus stuff

All in nice original 2.0 surround @ 448kbps

Have tried some of the versions off ebay...some are reasonable - most are crap though.

Considering the films were only in 2.0surround how can they get 5.1 DTS??

The PAL versions were only 2.0 surround, but the NTSC Laserdiscs were Dolby 5.1. I have bootlegs of the Star Wars trilogy, and the Dolby tracks are very good. The DTS is horrible though, a really bad conversion from the dolby track.

But the versions I have are reasonable quality. Can't wait for the official release though :D
Yeah, me too, I've got the bootleg DVD version with DD and DTS 5.1, however qualitywise they're a conversion from the laser discs, thus not really for the big screen (projector). However, for ordinary TV watching they're doing the job. But so does my VHS copies as well...

I guess the offical releases will be quite a bit better (or so I hope), regardless of them not being the standard version but the special editions (which I think is really quite alright). :)
these bootlegs are about to die never to resurface , once the PROPER DVDS COME THIS AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, but then people will copy the proper discs and sell these copies at half the price of the legal ones! I hate piracy, but I hope that it forces lower prices on proper releases. I will not buy a pirate in any case!!

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