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Mar 24, 2002
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Just bought the latest copy of DVD review and they claim exclusive information that the original Starwars Trilogy has been anounced for a September world wide release.
The release will be four discs and the movies will not be sold seperatley.
Dont know about anyone else but this has me very exited.
It's been reported elsewhere that the versions released will be the special edition versions only, not the originals, which has got some purists all steamed up.
Yeah the magazine comments heavily on the subject suggesting that with seamless branching technology both editions could be easily offered and therefore unsteam the purists ultimatly as they point out Lucas has a right as the artist to present his work how he sees fit even if it leaves alot of the die hard fans disapointed
but how would seamless branching work as almost the entire films have been changed, in terms of print clean-up, soundtrack enhancement, matte paintings, special effects upgrades etc?

I don't think seamless branching is the easy answer to this.
There is NO WAY they will be the orignal theatrical releases of the original trilogy. Read interviews with him, Lucas hates these films.

He doesn't allow the original prints to be shown at cinemas or at festivals, they don't exist as far as he's concerned.... it's irrelevant if the technology does exist to do it, he won't allow it...

They will definitely be (at least) the Special Edition versions, (the 'at least' bit because potentially there will be additional 'improvements')

Don't torture yourself...
Yeah, with the amount of cleanup and background animation that was involved in the new versions, they are basically 2 completely different sets of film.

Oh, BTW, Lucas is a ******. :D
I think we should be greatfull that we are getting a release at all, I seem to remember reading somewhere that we would not see a release of episodes 4,5 & 6 until 2006 (when all the films are complete).

As for the "issue" with original versions, it is Lucas's decision to present which ever version he prefers, as they are ,afterall, his "property".

On the one hand "we" always seem to go out of our way to get the versions of films that were uncut and as the director/artist intended; as I see it the extended versions are as the artist originally intended (the technology at the time would not allow Lucas to produce the films exactly as he intended). Yet here we are moaning about getting the movies as the "artist" intended. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy these films.

Personally I am excited at the prospect of getting these films "officially" on the DVD format (whatever the version).

Roll on September

he might hate the originals but they put him where he is now !!!!!
I must admit I would like the option of the original films, but at the end of the day they are his films and at the end of the day i will be happy with the ones we get.

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