starwars battlefront 2??


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Thinking of getting this but would appreciate anyones views on it before I buy. How is the single player mode as well as the live play?
Thanks :)


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Would also be interested to here peoples thoughts on this. I am trying to be good and save my pennies for the 360....


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I have got this. I believe it is great, much better than the first.

The single player seems to have quite a big campaign mode, going through areas from episodes 1-6. There are space battles too. Every now and then the level will have a hero character that you can play as for a limited time. The more enemy's you kill the longer you have to play with the yoda, obi wan, anakin (grown version)

There is another mode, which seems like a strategic play factor which puts you in command of a fleet of ships, I havent played this mode much yet and havent figured out how to play it either. But it does seem pretty good.

As for online, you can take a guest with you this time round. There are the usual online modes, and there can be up to 32 players/and or/bots at a time. Quite frantic but very fun. There doesnt seem to be any lag either.

There is also a co operative mode so you and a friend can go through the missions together, and 1-4 multiplayer for lounge domination with your mates, and also system link play.

Hope this helps a bit

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