Startup sound of Elite BenQ


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Hi - Could someone with a BenQ Elite please power-on their consoles without a disk in the drive and see if it sounds like these..

My Elite sounds identical to this and I just wanted to check if this is the normal behaviour of this drive to save all the hassle with exchanges. The Hitachi's and Samsungs did not sound like this.

Much appreciated and many thanks.

P.S. It sounds like its a 3.5" floppy disk drive trying to be read!

Deeez Nuuutz

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Mine does this. I only noticed it this morning as there wasn't a disc in.

Doesn't sound great imo.


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This might be due loose rubber belt on drive to cause vibrations. Even though it might be not damaging discs, it might brake drive belt.


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Thanks for all responding.

I popped into my local Gamestation this morning and the good lady opened up another Elite and powered it up for me.

This unit had the BenQ drive and it sounded identical to mine in which I have come to the conclusion that it is perfectly normal for the BenQ.

I have uploaded a movie of my actual Elite just in case anyone else has any concerns with this drive..

When a disc is loaded, you do not here those sounds and the drive spins up smoothly and operates more quietly than the original launch 360's.

I ended up keeping my original Elite as that had the quieter Nidec system fans and despite the other one having exactly the same mfr date, lot and team numbers, it had the DC Brushless fans which were louder.

tony kop77

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Mine doesnt make that noise and I have the same drive. I have just booted uo my machine just to double check maybe makes a sight noise when the 360 screen comes on but nowhere as bad as them in the videos.
I have noticed it signs me on line a lot quicker.


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Remember that the audio is amplified significantly as the mic is right next to the CD tray. You can only really hear it if your ear is practically next to the tray.


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How do you id the drive in the console?


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Thanks for that,

It would seem i have a Benq drive. Nice and silent :)

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