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    I'm trying to help my father upgrade his system for a 70th birthday present. He's presently got an old 4:3 CRT and VHS VCR and only has analog terrestrial TV (channels 1-5). He hasn't got (and doesn't particularly want) any better sound than what comes built-in with the TV. His requirements are:

    • Definitely Freeview
    • Almost definitely 2 DVB tuners in the system
    • Almost certainly DVD recording
    • Quite possibly HDD recording
    • Probably a new TV
    • To retain VHS VCR capability (probably by keeping his current VCR)

    What I am puzzling over is the best way to go about this, bearing in mind that ease of use is an important criterion (although PQ is also important!). I think his options are as follows:
    1. new TV with built-in DVB plus a combined DVB / PVR / DVD recorder (eg DMREH60D)
    2. combined DVB / DVD recorder / PVR (eg Panny DMREH60D) plus separate, stand-alone DVB tuner
    3. combined DVB / DVD recorder (eg Panny DMRES20D) and separate DVB / PVR (eg Humax 8000T)
    4. twin DVB tuner / PVR (eg Topfield TF5800PVR) and separate DVD recorder (eg Panny DMRES10)
    5. other?

    I have a feeling that option 1 might be the simplest in terms of 'ease of use' as well as being the most sensible way to do it (feel free to disagree). However a new TV is a down his priority list currently, compared to DVB & DVD. If he got a 3-in-1 box and decided he was happy with his old TV, could he just add the second DVB-T easily instead of a TV?

    I'd appreciate any comments on these options, as well whether the makes/models I've suggested would be the best of those available.

    Thanks in advance.
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    JVC DS6 LCD TV (depending on his spend) - has DVB built in, and Sony HXD710 - HDD/DVD recorder with DVB only tuner. Alternatively, Panasonic EH60 - HDD/DVD, DVB and analog tuner.
    The less boxes and remotes he has, the better.
    If he wants to record 1-5 via analog RF - then JVC MH300 due next month. One brand (or go the Sony route, but more expensive) with a remote for each item, that'll work the other.
    The JVC DVD remote can also be set to control another brand of TV, but iprobably not as indepth as is required if it has DVB tuner, although I may be wrong.

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