Starting DVD Playback in Vista Media Center


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Have I spotted a major flaw in the Vista Media Center interface, or am I just being think? :confused:

If you already have a DVD in the drive, how do you start playing it? The only way I can see is to press the 'DVD Menu' button on the remote.

Didn't XP MCE have a 'DVD' category on the menu?


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:suicide: Because I have enabled 'My Movies' it had pushed off the edge of the screen.

I'm just going to crawl into a corner and die in shame now...


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Quick question for you lot,

WMVHD disc won't work in Media Centre in Vista.

I have Coral Reef Adventure WMVHD disc and I tried it today in the Windows Vista and just got a black screen.

Has anyone successfully played such discs in Vista that can tell me the secret?

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