Starting an AV32R 7.1 + 3x Multiroom setup, how many power amps?



I'm starting a full 7.1 + multiroom setup using my AV32R-DP and 2 of the 100x5R + a Rotel RB-990BX because it still slightly sounds better...
How many power amps can be connected to one AV32R pre-out? Looking at the impedance of inputs and outputs that is 47 Ohm pre-Out on the AV32R
and 47 kOhm input on the 100x5R, factor 1000. So 2 or even 3 power amps per pre-out should not be a problem if cable capacities stay small.

There is the 7.1 + 3x Stereo in other rooms.

I attached a map of the wiring. Having enough power amps I need only a few speakers switches. I arranged some of the left and right speakers for other rooms to 4 and 4 of both 100x5R to be able to switch them by pressing button 4 on the remote.

What can the second zone feature of the AV32R do? Can I switch a separate input for the second zone while listening to stereo or 5.1?


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