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Hi everyone
Hope this is in the right section

I am basically just looking for some advice; I am really interested in starting a business specialising in home automation installs (new builds & refurbs) but not sure where to start, I've done some research and it seems some of the big brands I should be installing are companies such as Centron, Lutron, Control4 & Savant.

I am a qualified electrician of 3 years so feel the install side should not be too difficult for me in terms of 1st & 2nd fixing, I am also currently working in Australia for the year with a bloke who installs a lot of C-BUS systems so hoping to gain more of an insight there also.

In my opinion the big hurdle for me would be the programming side, setting scenes etc, i am not exactly a dinosaur when it comes to tech as i am 26 but im also not the most tech savvy, I have read however the above companies provide training on this I'm just wondering if it would be enough to become profeccient. I return to the UK in May and was thinking of spending a year or 2 working for an AV company before starting on my own.

Sorry for the long first post! Would love to know if my thinkings on the right track or hear any advice you guys have, especially any sparkys that have done the same thing.



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Add Loxone to your list of Brand options. My experience is from the consumer side - I included a Loxone system within my self-build and bought-in the expertise to install and program.

I went with Loxone primarily for cost, but also as, from my research, the configuration and programming was within reach for me to do myself. With a whole house build to do I did sub the initial configuration out (plus I wasn't confident on the BUS communication side required for a couple of bits of hardware).

The majority of programming and configuration has been relatively simple and I'm certainly self-sufficient with changing and expanding its features so I would suggest it would be easy to pick up for someone doing it regularly. Loxone regularly run courses and I keep telling myself I will attend one, but I haven't yet.

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