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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by daddyp, Oct 29, 2005.

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    I've just got a new job and I know that I want to spend my bonus (only small) on a Home cinema setup. I've purchased a Toshiba SD 350 DVD player last month and I'm looking for a AV amp and speakers to hook this up to. I'm not really interested in having music through it as it'll only be used for Films and TV.

    I had seen the Yamaha 57 package at ED for £158 but I'd like to know what people think of it and whether I should look at getting the RX-457 and NSP 220 speakers for £130 more. I know a lot of you out there have mega setups costing thousands, and hopefully I'll be there someday, but I just need something to get me started.

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    my advice, remortgage and get the megasetup!!!

    my own choice would be to get the cheapest but worthwhile surround amp, preferably one that can do 6.1 if possible....somewhere around £100-150 (Richer Sounds were doing a Yamaha for this sort of price recently, try them, make sure it isnt Yamada tho, lol). Then get a pair of floorstanding speakers for £100 (older models that are being superceded are often sold cheap to clear, places like Richer Sounds and Hyper-Fi do this) and a centre speaker and pair of rears for £100 for all 3. If you get lucky on the amp, this means you get 5.0 sound for £300 and it will actually be very good sound considering the some point in the new year or whenever you can get the cash you can add a subwoofer....but floorstanders make good substitutes in the meantime....(also if you cant find a cheap enough center speaker, get 2 pairs of bookshelfs, use one for centre, 2 for rears, then the 4th for rear centre if the amp has 6.1)

    the advantage this sort of setup has over an all in the box sub/sat package is that you are using full range speakers, so they are more dynamic, can go louder and still sound good, satellites when cheaper can quite easily show stress at louder volumes and even get damaged.......and if you want music then this setup will sound good as well ;-)
    the downside obviously is that they take up more room than cute little satellites....but if that isnt an issue, then i'd say you should have a thunk about it :)

    oh, better say tho, you'll have to budget another £30 or so for cabling depending on how much you need, dont bother spending more than a couple quid per metre tho....

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