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Started looking into a wide angle lens choice


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Well I've got a nice long lens, a normal range lens that I still like, a 70-200 zoom that I no longer need - but no wide angle lens.

I do still have the kit lens and I know that 18mm is not wide enough on the 20D. Can't say I'm certain what length I do need though.

Last time I looked into this I thought the Sigma 12-24 would be the answer but I've seen a few negative comments about that lately. The Tokina 12-24 (Condyk ?) seems in favour at the moment but it's like ef-s and small sensor only (or is it?).

I'm not averse to a prime lens. Think I've gone for zooms so far because my early SLR experience was all prime/telecon and zooms have followed on better from compact digicams.

Fisheye lenses seem more like a novelty to me. Can't see me wanting to apply software just to make an image look more normal. I have looked into them but don't think they are for me.

Budget? Well I think the Sigma was something like £350-400 so that is probably a reasonable limit for a lens to be used indoors (when I get round to a flashgun) and for landscapes. Less would be good.

I remember Geoff asking something similar a month or so ago - looks like he went for a 17-35. Seems a bit to near the kit lens 18mm (as regards FOV not quality).

Any thoughts....suggestions ...sources?


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What about the Sigma 10-20mm- I have one and it's rather tasty




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Not bad at all :)

Isn't it ef-s style though? ie small sensor only. (not that I have any plans to upgrade)

Think the tokina will go on a FF camera - it just vignettes if you go too wide.

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