Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-6


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Just noticed Play have dropped price's of all six seasons to £29.99.


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might have had something to do with amazon.co.uk dropping their prices too, although they still have season 6 for £53.

I think im gonna have to buy season 4 and 6 from play.com now :)

Greg Hook

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Not if its R2 you don't.

Do these Stargate sets come with any extras?


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Season 2-6 are just the normal Volume releases stuck in Boxsets so they should have all the same extras as the single releases.

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Season 1 was originally only released as "The Best of Season 1" with the Pilot episode and the last 4 Episodes, then they releases all episodes of Season 1 in a Boxset but there are no extras, Season 2-7 are just the Volume releases stuck in a Box.


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Oh right, cause I have season 1 boxset and it does have some extras like behind the scenes, and interviews with the cast.


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chris110 - do you have the R1 box set as that does have some extras that aren't on the R2 set?

However, I believe all of those extras appear on the later season R2 DVD's.
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