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Stargate Atlantis Volume 2 (Season One Disk II)

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by amazoncat, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. amazoncat


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    Stargate Atlantis Volume 2 (Season One Disk II)

    Review by Carolyn (amazoncat) Hylton

    Volume: 2


    * Suspicion
    * Childhood’s End
    * Poisoning the Well
    * Home

    Special Features:

    * Video Diary of Rainbow Sun Francks

    * Mission Directive: The Storm/The Eye

    * Production design and photo gallery

    * WWW

    Release Date (UK): 11th April 2005

    R.R.P: £19.99


    The Athosians come under suspicion after Sheppherd’s team meet the Wraith at every turn. With relations between Atlantis command and the Athosians stretched to breaking point the Athosians move off the base to the newly discovered main land.

    A great episode with a really character building plot. We learn so much more about the relationships between the Athosians and Atlantis Command personnel. This is only the second episode in this series to really move the series plot forward as a whole. The battle scenes are the usual high standard we associate with Stargate. I feel that the one-on-one battle between Tayla and the Wraith (later named Steve by Sheppherd) is deserving of particular praise due to its stunning nature. Overall a great episode bound to prove a keystone episode for Atlantis.

    Childhood’s End

    The team crash land on a planet that I must say reminds me of Nevernever Land, completely inhabited by children under the age of 25 due to ritual sacrifices that the indigenous people believe will stop the Wraith coming.

    Despite some obvious clichés this episode is a great example of the sort of moral conflicts experienced by the Atlantis team. More character building information well built into the overall plot. It is interesting to see the conflict of moral belief between Sheppherd and Dr Weir within this episode, a conflict that appears to develop as the series continues. The part of Keras; the eldest of the indigenous people was particularly well acted, I felt I really got to know him and was genuinely concerned about what would befall him something that can be put down to Writer Martin Gero, Director David Winning and Courtenay J. Stevens who played Karas. Overall a neat, interesting episode with a true Stargate feel to it.

    Poisoning the Well

    The team come across a world whose people are on the brink of discovering a vaccine capable of producing immunity to the Wraith but at what cost?

    Another episode for moral dilemmas that are once more well portrayed. Steve's interrogations were fantastic not only were they full of the sarcastic wit seen only in O’Neill up to this point but it was nice to get a bit of character building into the Wraith. The strong characters that come across with the Gou’ld are part of their appeal, and although not appropriate with this race character building is never a bad thing, it can only add to the audience's sense of involvement.


    The discovery of a planet surround in energy emitting mist provides the Atlantis team with a route back to Earth.

    Nice to see some familiar faces again – Don S. Davis amongst others. This episode contained some very witty script sure to appeal to old and new Stargate fans. It was certainly interesting to see how the scriptwriters and directors deal with a scenario that was inevitable. Overall a nice episode with an eerie sci-fi feel to it.

    Special Features

    Video Diary of Rainbow Sun Francks
    A look behind the scenes with the actor playing Lieutenant Ford. He gives his thoughts and opinions on the evolution of Atlantis so far and where he thinks it will go in the future. A very funny and informative feature.

    Mission Directive: The Storm/The Eye
    Behind the scenes look at the making of the mid-season two parter ‘The Storm’ and ‘The Eye’ commentated by director Martin Wood. A very interesting look at two truly dramatic episodes.

    Production design and photo gallery
    Good mix of photographs form all the episodes featured on this DVD as well as some different shots backstage, some particularly nice ones from Childhood’s end.

    Once again there are details on joining the Official Stargate Fan Club.

    Another amazing selection screen, something I’ve always thought the Stargate DVDs have excelled at yet the keep getting better.

    I really enjoyed the episodes on this DVD. It’s certainly a must have for any Stargate or Atlantis fan and a nice introduction for anyone who likes a good sci-fi / action show.

    Episodes: 9/10
    Special Features: 8/10
    Menu: 9/10

    Overall: 9/10
    All I can say is another great DVD!!!

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