Starfox Adventures


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Been playing this ALL weekend and its a cracking 3D platformer with stunning graphics (possibly the best yet on the Cube).
I read a magazine article before it's release saying it was going to be a 2-disc release and the biggest GameCube game yet released! After about seven hours play I'm a third of the way through, so it ain't going to last long:( . Very good game though.


I agree - it's fantastic

But I am stuck at 80% :mad:

You need to shoot down 4 towers whilst keeping missiles away from your method of flight (a big dinosaur type bird) and damn it I just can't do it! Grr! when you get there, let me know how you did it.

Maybe my fingers are just too slow :(

Mrs Taz. :kisses:


I thought it was a great game, great graphics and music. Just a shame there's zero replay value.

Took me quite a few tries to nail that 4 tower missile fight but got there in the end - just keep at it you'll get it eventually.

The thing I couldn't do was that damn strength test in Lightfoot Village, nearly snapped my controller in the process. Had to get a mate to do it for me in the end.

Also the final battle is great.


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virtually all the games I go for (and end up loving, not in a physical way tho) are those story based ones with no replay value so I don't mind. I doubt I will play Starfox, Res Evil, Eternal Darkness or Pikmin again for a long time if ever.


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It is quite handy though to be able to buy a game, play it, love it, complete it then take it back to get another :)


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I still haven't started Starfox - too addicted to Astrolander - it's even better than Timesplitters :).


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Moon mountain Pass after you've put the first forcestone back in place and have started to come up against those crater crab things. How do you get rid of the big asteroid blocking your path... i've tried throwing the exploding rocks at it but nothing seems to work.

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