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Once he sold it he had zero say in it (unless the deal somehow stated that he did). Disney have ruined Star Wars further but he'd already ruined it with the prequels being nothing like the originals.

Sloppy Bob

I'd disagree they ruined it further.

Force Awakens was fine if a bit of a retread.
Rogue One was superb IMO
Solo was fine.
Last Jedi was poor.

They were all better than the CGI crapfests that were the prequel trilogy and let's not even get into the "Holiday Special" or Caravan of Courage.
I don't even like Return of the Jedi that much.

We all have our opinions though. If you don't agree with mine it's OK to be wrong.


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George’s criticism’s of the new films aren’t really issues with the films themselves though. If you actually read it, he was upset they didn’t use his treatments and that the filmmakers weren’t breaking boundaries effects wise.
Which amusingly is what people hated about the prequels. George’s writing and his OTT use of CGI.
Can’t win.


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You can understand why he did things differently with the prequels. Why make the same films again? It's hard to say, but for me personally I just wanted something that looked and felt like Empire/Jedi. I wanted Xwings and Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers etc. He also made a massive mistake with not having C3P0 and R2D2 not more involved. He constantly went on about how the original film was kind of told from their point of view.


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From a commercial standpoint alone, Bob Iger would've had to have been clinically insane to go with George's micro-universe ideas. People hated the midichlorians and disliked the prequel's directions in general; Bob wanted to bring back the star wars we all knew and loved and make the big money- which he did.

It's just a shame they went so far backwards with it. A nice middle ground would have suited just fine (which is what I hope for in Episode 9).

Its also a shame in general that Star Wars is so reactionary as opposed to creative; its been that way now for decades. Constantly modifying their approach based on the previous film, in order to do the impossible: keep fans happy.


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Stick with the TV series, that's where the real invention and development comes from. Clone Wars and Rebels are two examples and the Mandalorian looks very promising. It's clear that's not needed/wanted in the movies now (and I'm OK with that), but at least there is an outlet for it.

This is still one of my favourite moments across all of Star Wars canon and it's not in any of the movies (big Rebels spoilers below):

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