Star Wars sideshow 12" Action figures. have i missed the boat?


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Hi am thinking about collecting these but is it to late or will I have to pay high prices for them.

Can anyone give me a rough guide to how much they range from.

Seen quite a few on eBay/Amazon for £30-50 is this reasonable? How much would I have paid for a figure is I had pre-ordered


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Hi Bigpig

The Sideshow 12" Star Wars figures have been selling for a few years now and the originals may be hard to get hold of. I just looked on the UK ebay site and i found only one (PLO KOON selling for £39.99, which is a good price).
Also be aware that Sideshow do 2 versions, one is the standard issue that all retailers can sell and the other is the more desirable Exclusive version that can only be brought from Sideshow themselves or from auction sites. If you can buy an Exclusive version go for it but be prepared to pay a bit more.

I have around 25 of these figures in my collection (all Exclusives) but sadly i had to stop buying them as times are getting very hard cash wise. Hopefully i can start again when things pick up.

If you love Star Wars like i do then these figures are really worth hunting out, the quality is superb.

Good hunting


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Currently looking for the new Vader and Stormtrooper 1/6 from SS. Quite hard to come buy. Play has sold out as have FP and no UK sellers on Ebay at the moment. I have got the Vader PF but it would be nice to have the poseable option.


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I have the exclusive editions of both of these.
My advice would be to join the waitlist on the official sideshow site.
Thats how i got mine . . .They get returns all the time and cancellations


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Cheers, I managed to bag the Han Solo PF doing that a few years back :)

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