Star Wars Rogue squadron


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Read on gamecentral on itv the other day that there will be a compilation of the gamecube rogue squadron games on the wii - now I didn't see whether that would be virtual console or a dedicated wii software title - apologies mods, please move to appropriate forum when we know more!


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Not sure either as I haven't heard any info on this yet, as they were Gamecube games I would guess it might be released as a Wii compilation disk(or series of Wii remakes) rather than on VC so will move to the main Wii Games section for now.


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There were three instalments in this series: the original Rogue Squadron was for the N64, Rogue Leader was a launch title for the Gamecube and Rebel Strike was the follow-up. Of the three, the second was easily the best and still looks good today.

The appeal of shooting down TIEs and hearing them whizzing out of control as they fly past you or overhead never gets old and I think Rogue Leader is the definitive Star Wars shoot 'em up (people have recommended X Wing on the PC to me but I've always found it a bit boring). I'm happy enough playing Rogue Leader on my Wii as it is; personally, a compilation disc of all three instalments wouldn't interest me.


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I keep meaning to get round to picking up Rogue Leader its only £4 in CEX but with all my other games and new ones comming out, I just never get round to it. I went to get it when the Gamecubes came out, just because I wanted that game, but ended up getting an XBOX that day, instead of a Gamecube.

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Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike are the main 2 GC games I still own and still play on the Wii, so a compilation of them onto 1 DVD would probably be a step down for me (unless they allow me to continue using the wavebirds that is :)).


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I really hope this comes out on the Wii, with motion controls in a compilation. Gamecube discs were 1.5GB as opposed to wii's 4.7GB so I don't see why they can't fit all 3 on a disc!

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