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Discussion in 'Star Wars Movies Forum' started by h0l1yw0od, Jun 6, 2004.

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    *NOTE* I'm taking a risk here as i understand the rules on the T&C's have been relaxed regarding the talk of bootlegs and pirated films. If i have overstepped the line or misinterpretted the changes then please delete the post (and not my subscription :lease: ) *END NOTE*

    So...I was just glancing the pretty huge post on the upcoming Star Wars DVD's over on the DVDForums and someone mentioned about some copies made by a DrG. Apparently they are very good quality copies of the laserdiscs, anamorphic and the LD extras.

    I like everyone else (so it seems) am anxious to get the original versions on a digital medium before the tapes deteriorate.

    Make no mistake i do not condone the illegal copying and selling of these or any other films. From the way the comments were made it sounds like they can be gotten for free via downloading i suppose. I think hey were made by a fan and not for any monetory reasons although there will obviously be those who will sell them on.

    I have tried downloading the trilogy but ended up with the 1997 Spec Ed's and at around 700mb each the quality is not even VHS.

    I own five authentic copies of the trilogy and I thought i would be able to put my old VHS tapes on to my PC via the S-VHS and audio inputs however i only have Adobe Premiere 6.5 and Windows Movie Maker which do not allow any capturing from the S-VHS connection.

    Asking for any info on how to get these versions is a big no-no on the DVDForums there so i was wondering if anyone on these boards knows anything about them and maybe how to get hold of them. I am looking to have back up digital copies for personal use :thumbsup:, not copies to sell at the market :nono: !

    Or better yet, if you can tell me how to get my own tapes form my Panasonic HD660 video to my Shuttle PC then that would be equally groovy.

    Again if this is not allowed then i apologise.

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    i think the vast majority of the 'original ' trilogy fans are in the same boat, myself included as i had them on dvd a couple of years back but sold them when i got the definitive ld collection but my ld player bust and i then sold those. but hard as i try i cant get a hold of them agian on dvd... :mad:

    but i'll keep trying....

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