Star Wars Original Trilogy - Where can I buy?


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Does anyone know where I can get the following Star Wars Trilogy box set:

Star Wars Trilogy – Special Edition: Star Wars (1977); The Empire Strikes Back (1980); The Return of the Jedi (1983): Original trilogy together with remastered 1997 versions
Lucasfilm & Fox, 6 discs, £32.50

Until December 31, we can buy Star Wars as it appeared in 1977 – not as Star Wars IV: A New Hope, its 1997 "remastered" (re-edited, digitally messed-about) version.

I have searched the usual DVD websites but they all refer to the films as IV,V and VI. Is this the same set, as the quote from a newspaper review implies different?

Any help much appreciated:smashin:



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You can buy them all in a limited 6-disc tin set, which icludes both versions of each film for about £33. List of e-tailers & prices here.

Or you can buy them individually for about £9 each delivered:

Star Wars



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Thanks for the reply KevD,

I had seen this boxset but was not sure it was the same version the review was referring to.
Good to get a firm clarification before ordering it.



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For a bit further clarification

From the HMV site, where I purchased it
Limited Edition Metal Box Set This limited edition 6DVD box set contains the double disc version of the original Star Wars Trilogy. These 2DVD sets contain the previously released Enhanced Trilogy Version as well as the one thing the fans have all be waiting for – the Original Theatrical Versions. Yes the one thing George said we would never see is now hitting DVD for a limited time. So just think, Han now shoots first, there's no more silly Jabba sequence, no extra padding out of Mos Eisley, just everything that you remember being good from back in the day. These versions haven't been commercially available since the mid 90s, and they're only going to be around for a few short months, so don't miss out on this chance to own the proper version of these classics.

A nice set :thumbsup:


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That's great thanks, I am off to HMV...:)

John Henry

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I was going to buy the tin but when I saw it in asda yesterday didn't think much of it. It was priced at £29.97.

I just purchased them seperatly for £8 each, didn't think it was worth the £6 extra for the tin.


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I;ve been in two minds about buying the Original Theatrical Versions, as I can probably wait for them to come out on HD.

But can anyone tell me if the discs are pan and scan or widescreen ??

Sorry for hijacking thread !

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