Star Wars open-world game (Ubisoft)


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That’s great the makers of the Division making the Star Wars game, chance would be high it’ll be good

EA have gone down hill completely with lootboxes and money grabbing game mechanics they’ve actually forgot what making a fun game means now

Star Wars has new hope, bet EA got a surprise mechanic with the news
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In fairness to EA - they were ripped out of BFII and it gradually became an excellent game. And they weren't there at all in Fallen Order or Squadrons. Yes, they had to learn the hard way - but at least they got there.


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Glad to see Massive get another huge IP (they're still working on Avatar?) but means there's probably no more Division for the foreseeable. That's fine...the original was special, the 2nd was very good as well, but just didn't quite capture the magic of The Division imo.

Going to be really interesting to see what they come up with. Hopefully they use the Snowdrop engine.

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