Star Wars I-VI £45.95


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Sites been down all day, they said their working on it


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How long before this set touches drops below the 20 mark?


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I'll bite at 30 quid when Amazon join the party.

At least it's going the right way. Tesco instore went up to £70.97.:eek:


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Somewhat OT, but the high street Fopp price is now £49. HMV own-branded stores are still charging half as much again, but it seems that retailers have decided that early purchasers have now been sufficiently milked.


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Your never ever see that price, if we do i will buy you the set myself :smashin:

Ov course it will drop down to that price look at all the rest BTTF, Alien,the 1st lord of the rings and the extended will follow shortly as well as jurrasic park.


It just depends on how long someone is prepared to wait. The £14 price for Alien took 13 months. (but now in cheaper packaging, which I prefer anyway). It also has 5 discs so 9 blu ray discs for SW, will keep it a bit higher for longer. I wouldn't be surprised if it is £40 in the January sales. I would rather pay less for the separate trilogies. I would be happy to pay £14.99 for each of them.


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Glad I managed to get this at £35 from bestbuy while i could !!!

golden phoenix

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£55 pound now in my local tesco superstore! off the shelf.

Deleted member 575721

Zavvi code does not now seem to work, off to Amazon..

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