Star Wars - Ewoks Animated Adventures DVD Review

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Giving Ewoks 6/10 would have seemed mighty generous to me before seeing the disc and now, afterwards, it actually seems a little harsh. This is, without doubt, great entertainment for young kids. A terrific slice of dark fantasy with interesting stories, an engaging cast of characters, a mythical fairytale approach and some sublime visuals. Oh yeah, and a few life lessons, as well. And, much as I can’t believe it myself, I loved it. It contains that fabulous little cosy Saturday morning ease and breeze that just washes over you and yet, if you like, there is a welcome element of darkness to raise the interest level a bit more. But, in the real world, there are those for whom their hatred of all things Ewok-ian cannot be reversed. I once considered myself of a similar leaning. Now, I cannot claim that my enjoyment of these cartoons has in any way, shape or form, altered my loathing for the creatures in the movies – Jedi especially, but even their own cinematic outings are ropey to say the least – but, in their own world and unencumbered by human, Jedi, droid or storm trooper, they work perfectly well. And this, of course, is where they should be allowed to remain. Little furry people having big adventures on the small screen. Children will be enormously entertained and for them alone I would award Ewoks 8/10. The child within us all should fall for them also but I’m not that naïve as to believe that a lot of the hardnosed Imperialists out there can change as easily as I did. Tell you what, if the Dark Side came wrapped in fur and whispered “Beecha wawa,” in my ear I think I’d fall quicker than Anakin. So, overall, Ewoks is a great way to while away a couple of hours. It’s better than Droids and would actually be great viewing even for kids who have no knowledge of the Force. Although, with Revenge Of The Sith just around the corner, there can’t be many of them about.
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