Star Wars DVD Original Trilogy - What version would you prefer SE or normal?


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Aug 1, 2000
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What with the 3rd film to be released in 3 years, Lucas promised he would release the original trilogy after the new trilogy has been made.

Now, In an ideal world I would want him to do a T2 Ultimate Edition type DVD where you can pick what version you want.

But, after being told years ago "Buy the original for the last time" on the adverts, it looks like the releases will be the awful special edition versions.

So my question is

1) What would you prefer?
2) How can we all let Lucas know we want a T2 type DVD.
The original versions without a doubt which is why I made sure I have a copy on DVD, even if they aren't great quality. The special editions added special fx shots for the sake of it and they just didn't gel. Also, some of the tweaking Lucas did such as having Greedo shoot first in the Han/Greedo scene was just a travesty.
I'd rather have them as the original version over the SE because Han Solo was just soooo much cooler shooting Gredo in cold blood. In the SE version Lucas has neutered him.
Personally I thought he did too much when he did the rejigging. A lot of the new footage was totally unnecessary, although the attack on the Death Star does look nice in the SE version.
A choice of version would be nice but not where it costs you 2 or 3 times as much, like in the case of ET.
Yeah I agree.

I have the original trilogy in THX on laserdisc but not Dolby Digital.

Then I have the Special Edition box set on Laserdisc which is Dolby Digital but those awful new effects and added bits.

I have them on VHS the originals too.

What I would love though is a choice on DVD I don't want the special edition rammed down my throat.

Lets have a T2 type DVD please.
this is how the dvd,s will probably be released.........first will be episode 2.......then episode 3 ..... then episode 4 normal edt with 5 and 6 all normal. then after that the special editions will come after that special edtions of 1 , 2, 3. after that super special edtions of 4 ,5,6 then after that super special edtions of 1,2,3 after that who knows.

Remember that when the THX versions came out on VHS this was the LAST time they were to be released in that original format. At least that's what they said.

That's why I'm really panicking about the DVD versions.
Originals but with 5.1EX sound and remastered picture. No naff extra scenes, changes etc etc etc..........
I'd DEFINETLY want the original trilogy on a "T2" style disc.

Although I like some the extra scenes in the Special Editions (what they did with the Han-Greedo scene was appaling), I'd like to have a choice of which version to watch.
Originals definitely, with remastered video, though it would be better to have both versions on the same disk (or a 2 disk version)

Mind you they will probably release both, so you have to buy them all twice :rolleyes: as alot of people would still stump up for both versions.

For me, it has to be the original Classic Editions, from 1977, 1980, and 1983 respectively! Only if they are made available alongside the Special Editions will I be a happy Star Wars fan!

their was that rumour about lucas waiting for BLUE LASER TECHNOLOGY to take off, before he commits the original trilogy
Don't forget that there's talk of Lucas doing an "Ultimate" edition of the original trilogy, with new footage to make episodes 4-6 tie in with 1-3. We may not see either the originals, OR the special editions!!!
Originally posted by clonetrooper 41
their was that rumour about lucas waiting for BLUE LASER TECHNOLOGY to take off, before he commits the original trilogy

Doesn't look as though he'll have to hold off their release as by the time episode three comes out, Blu-Ray should already be in the shops.
It'd really be a shot in the arm for a new (high-end?) format to exclusively bring out an ultimate edition.

As for the special editions, he probably did miss more than he hit but I particularly liked the Milenium Falcon take off from Mos Eisley, the additional elements in the Death Star battle & especially the bit where Han Solo runs into the mass of Stormtropers.
The extra Darth Vader scene in episode two & the song in episode three were totally needless though.

One other point is that although George Lucas does seem to wind an awful lot of people up by continually tweaking his films, if not for him in particular & his pushing of sound & vision technologies would we be watching them in our homes in widescreen & digital surround sound?
I don't think so :D

Cheers, Paul
whatever will be released you have to remember that lulas is the master of selling
there will probably be a dozen versions of each film
all in certain collectors colours / boxes etc
Originally posted by shauny1
whatever will be released you have to remember that lulas is the master of selling
there will probably be a dozen versions of each film
all in certain collectors colours / boxes etc

....and I will want them all :D.
I never really liked the Star Wars films. I would buy a six film special edition box set though - can't wait until that comes out!
As most of us would like the originals then why doesn't he do a cut-down (WideScreen, DD5.1, some of the older archive footage etc) boxset of the ORIGINAL versions NOW (as they shouldn't need much work).

Then he can do the All Singing-All Dancing versions of whatever cut he likes after Episode III is done.

That way we get DVD's to keep us going and he knows we will buy the new ones when they come out.

It cant be because he doesn't like releasing the same material dozens of times as he already has with the VHS formats.
For me its got to be a T2 style, seamless branching job.

Greedo shooting first - ha!, that Mos Eisley into - ha!, that bloody Jedi Rocks song - ha!, Jabba looking awful - ha!

If he's gonna tinker with them again at least redo the CGi that looks awful.

Lets have
- the originals remastered in DD5.1 EX
- The special edition the same but also with "corrected" CGI
- Ultimate editions with never before seen footage!

..oh and tons of extras
Just how was the T2 version done with 3 different versions of the film.

I noticed that they were stored on different TITLES.

You mention the seamless branching, how does this work in DVD. I thought there would be gaps like layer changes?

It worked well this should happen for Star Wars.

with the R1 version of T2 you could select to watch either the teahtrical edition or the special edition through the standard menus. However there is an easter egg whereby you can select the 3rd edition - the Ultimate Edition. If I can remember you have to key in the date of judgement day, follwoing each no. with the enter key. You well then see a word appear each time you hit enter, which creates the sentence "The future is not set" ( I think!!). This then gives you access to the 3rd version.

The seamless branching was seamless! They didn't store 3 versions of the film, it actually picks the correct scenes based on teh menu option you pick. I have no problems at all on my player Pioneer Dv-535. I don't know the technicals for this, if anyone else would like to chip in!

Hope this helps
It is clever how it worked.

A few players did have problems.

The code was the date of judgment day in American format.

Press the key on the number pad on the dvd and enter and the words lit up.
Here's what I think Lucas will do:
First he will release the SE of Episodes IV-VI stating that they are the definitive versions, and he has no intention of ever releasing the originals. Fans froth and spit, but buy them anyway because, hey - it's Star Wars, dude! Gotta have it.
Some time soon after IV-VI UE are released. These have the tie-in footage to episodes I-III, a couple of extra interviews, the new and latest audio formats and the Making Of The Extra Bits. Fans howl and gnash their teeth, but hey...etc.
Soon after that George announces that he 'feels our pain' and in response to the overwhelming demand and support from fans of the series he's going to damn well treat us to what we've been asking for for years. He loves us (sniff) and feels compelled to let us shell out yet more ackers on Star Wars Classic. The original theatrical versions of Episodes IV-VI, exactly as they were.
Of course it will take another year for the 5.1/7.1 mixes (as opposed to the original PL versions) to appear with the THX remastered video, and a couple of plastic Ewok bookends in the box.
It's Star Wars dude!!

Sometimes I hate myself.
I agree with a branching T2-esque version of the trilogy as I thought alot of the added CG was a bit ropey and unnecessary...If this isn't possible, then Mr. Lucas should at least re-do it with the current technology (Especially Jabba) UGH!

I heard that the Mos Eisley footage for Episode III is already in the can (Where Padme gives Luke over to Owen and Beru). reportedly because they didn't plan on going back to Tunisia for the next film.
Another rumour is that shots have been filmed with Natalie Portman to include in the classic trilogy (to add to continuity hopefully and not just because it looks good).

I was watching the scene from Return of the Jedi where Luke takes Vader's mask off and thought the guy underneath looked a bit pants (no offense to the bloke but he doesn't look the grandad could 'ave him probably)...Then I thought, wouldn't it be great if they replaced his footage with new shots of an aged Hayden Christensen? Then maybe we 'will' get a T2-esque version of the film. Like the Ultimate edition ending with the OLD Sarah Conner (Not as corny though) ;) I think they could pull it off nicely with a little effort.

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